Barun is a pie with an IQ of 369 who managed to defeat Tio Lester with his Human Form, saving all the children.

During his battle with TIo Lester, Barun unveiled the true extent of his abilities and entered Human Form. Lester attempted to shoot Barun, but Barun attacked him with a Chidori and utilized "Caillou Screech Technique" to put him on Ultra Crack Mode. Barun then finished the battle with a Rasengan, and Lester utilized Plot no Jutsu to save himself.

Nearly dead, both collapsed for one day.

When they awoke, Barun realized that their dominant arms had been eradicated and he finds the blood connected with Lester, metaphorically holding hands. Lester asked why Barun would go such lengths for him, to which Barun replied that he is his friend and he would be for him no matter what. THis moved Lester to tears, causing Lester to become permanently good.